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Our range includes

Eye protection

We all know the importance of keeping your eyes safe in a working environment. Our range of protective eye wear is specialliy designed to keep you safe.

Ear protection

Many work environments are situated in loud, noisy factories - protect your staff's ears withour range of proetective ear wear. .

Rain suits

We can't all work inside and work cannot stop because it is a bit wet - protect your staff with our rain suits, designed to keepout any nasty weather. 

Conti suits

Regular and specialised

Most staff need general protection during the course of their day - protect them with our conti suits - strong and durable to suit any work environment. .


Regular and specialised

Protectiing your feet is one of the most important points to consider in any work environment - our range of gumboots will notonly protect your feet from scuffs, they keep feet dry and slip-safe. 


Law requires any worker to have a properly protect head while on duty in a hazardous environment. Protect your staff with our range of durable and tough hardhats. 


We use our hands all day, protecting them should be the firsdt thing you think of before starting the workday. 

Safety boots

Protect your worker's feet in hazardous areas, our range of steel-toes, highly durable safety boots will do the job. 

Fire fighting gear

The lives of your staff and yourself is vitally important when fighting fires - protect yourselves wih our full range of equipment. .

Security Uniforms

Make sure you have the right gear to provide the best protection during hazardous situations. 

Ladies hospitality

Cleanliness during the work day can be maintained with our range of protective clothing.

Outdoor wear

The South African outdoors demand very special protection - our range of outdoor PPE provides the best solution to the outdoors. 

PPE Staff 

Below are our staff members - call them if you have any questions - they are on standby to assist you. 

Winnie Uys

PPE Sales Manager

074 580 5742

Craig Blanshard

PPE Sales Representative
082 802 5295

Erica de Jager

PPE Sales Representative

082 457 9425

Pieter Uys

PPE Sales Counter

082 465 5131

Delmarie McDonald

PPE Sales Counter

083 621 9244